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A step-by-step map to building the foundations in mindset, offers, marketing, sales & operations EVERY business needs

STEP 3: Partner With Members

We are not a stuffy BNI Group! Partner with peers to exponentially grow your business past the foundations.

STEP 4: Continuing Education

Successful business owners NEVER stop learning. Join us for Office Hours & More packed with What's Working Now


Once a year, go on a VIP retreat to relax, reinvigorate & mastermind with others that know the struggle. Plan your attack for the upcoming quarters!

Our Mission:

To Double 100 Businesses Each Year

The overall failure rate of small businesses is almost 50%. But what if they had a plan, a step-by-step instruction manual for success?


What if they were surrounded by peers who had 'Made It' instead of family and friends who injected doubt into their dreams?

Some of Our Distinguished Members

They want everyone to succeed. They want everyone to grow. They want to see you achieve your dreams. With BGN, there are no secrets. People share their knowledge and strategies openly, are in the spirit of helping small businesses succeed and incredibly supportive in the growth of the individual as well as the business.

Theresa Nguyen

CEO, More Time More You

What I appreciate about the Business Growth Network is there is a variety of content that can be accessed by businesses worldwide. In addition, Jena Apgar is an expert at what she does and has brought in a wide network of experts to generate content that is very practical and can be applied to your business. I believe you will be very hard pressed to find so much content at the price being offered by the Business Growth Network!

Jim Traister

Owner, Hospitality Fan

No shiny objects. No latest greatest marketing fads. No fluff, smoke and mirrors or B.S. You will get straight to the point, "here is where you are, here is where you said you want to be, here is what needs to be done to make that happen.

William Huff Jr.

Owner, Bald Guy Enterprises

Where can a budding entrepreneur go to talk about his/her problems, challenges, dreams to really grow their business? Business Growth Network is that place... With some tutoring and support from Jena Apgar and David Roberts, we each leave our meetings with a fresh perspective on a variety of issues.

Tay Hui Jie

Owner, Artify Studio

...does a great job of creating community and supporting the small local business sector with relevant growth insight, much respect!

Susan Hamilton

Owner, Off Beat Business

Jena Apgar is sincere and extremely knowledgeable in teaching and helping business owners no matter if the business is online, in person or storefront!

Raeann Cain

Co Founder, Pain Relief Coach

Who Do We Serve...

A Business Growth Network for Those Who Want to Make  an Impact

Business Owners

... loves us because we hold peer networking workshops where you can take the next step in your business acceleration.


... loves us because we have a step-by-step plan for growth and innovation to make money while you literally sleep.

Sales Professionals

... loves us because offer sales intrapreneurs tools they can leverage to jump ahead of their peers.


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